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Are you already feeling the fall stress? Are you thinking, “I’m not ready for summer to be over- there are so many things going on! My to do list is neverending!” I hear ya! Let me help you cross one thing off your list: Back To School Photos!

I’m offering back-to-school mini sessions to erase some of that pressure and help you be able to focus on the most important things- like sports, homework, and teacher meetings. To reserve your session, shoot me an email today!

All you have to do is show up, and we’ll take care of the rest! Pat yourself on the back for taking care of business!

back to school photography montrose colorado


Day 1: Post a blog that answers these questions:

Who are you?

Feel free to interpret this question in any way you like. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: What’s your name? What fun facts define you? What do you love to do with your free time? Where are you from? Where do you live? What’s your favorite thing about yourself? Answer this question in any way you see fit:)

Why did you start blogging?

Feel free to interpret this question in any way you like. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: When did you first start blogging? Who gave you the idea to start blogging? Why did you think it would be a good idea? Answer this question in any way you see fit:)

Who is your blog for?

Feel free to interpret this question in any way you like. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: What type of person are you writing for? Who are you trying to attract to your blog? What kind of resource do you want your blog to be? Answer this question in any way you see fit:)

What’s something you’ve been working on lately that you’re REALLY proud of?

Feel free to interpret this question in any way you like. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: Maybe it’s a fitness goal, maybe it’s a project within your business, or maybe it’s that dream you’ve been chasing. Answer this question in any way you see fit:)

What’s the ONE MESSAGE that you hope people take away from your blog?

Feel free to interpret this question in any way you like. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: What’s the ONE THING you want people to remember about your blog? How do you want your blog to impact people? Answer this question in any way you see fit:)



Day 2: What’s the story behind why you do what you do?

I want you to share the story behind that one thing you’re TRULY passionate about and why you’re passionate about it.

Remember : You’ll be telling us WHY you’re passionate about what you do

People LOVE passionate people. Think about all of the people who impress you. I bet you a majority of them are incredibly passionate, right? It’s time to show off YOUR passion!

And you’ll ALSO be sharing it in the format of a story!

Us human beings? We LOVE stories. So don’t hold back here – the more details, the better! You’ll notice that when you use story-telling in your writing, it really grabs people’s attention and draws them in. Stories make it nearly impossible for people to look away. So tell your story about your passion, and don’t be shy. Remember – we are all here to support you.


Day 3: Teach Your Audience How To Do Something

So I want you blog a tutorial that teaches your audience how to do something that YOU know how to do, that you think might be of interest to them. It can be a step-by-step tutorial, or simply a summarized “how to”, but whatever it is – make sure that it’s adding value.

Remember: Think of your audience!

Feel stuck? Just think about your audience. What type of people are they? What do they need help with that you could offer them? Find a way to add value to their lives with this post!:)


Day 4: Post 10 things that most people don’t know about you.

I want you to share a part of yourself today by blogging about 10 things that most people don’t know about you. A huge part of creating a blog is opening up to your readers. People love to follow people that they know, like and trust. And if you never open up, and let people in, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for people to know, like and trust you.

Are you wondering, “How Personal is too Personal?”

If you’re struggling with the question, “how personal is too personal?”, just ask yourself this: “Is this something that I would feel uncomfortable with someone discovering when googling me?” Remember these facts should be FUN things that people don’t know about you. These things should be encouraging to people to get to know you better.


Day 5: Post something that will help your readers

Maybe you found a really great website that your audience would like. Maybe you found an amazing tool or software that they’d enjoy. Or maybe you just have a quote that would inspire them that day.


Day 6: Post a vulnerable story

Today I want you to tell a story that’s a little bit vulnerable, and one that your audience will find themselves strongly relating to. Have you experienced something that your audience might currently be going through? What’s a story that you can share that they might be able to relate to in some way or another?

Make sure it’s something that will be inspiring or uplifting to your readers

Like I said for video #4 – make sure it’s something that you would feel comfortable with someone discovering when googling you. It should not be something humiliating, but something inspiring and a little vulnerable. As Brene Brown says, vulnerability sounds like truth, and looks like courage.


Day 7:

Write about a HOT TOPIC

Today I want you to pick a hot topic within your industry or niche. Something that people hold strong opinions about. And I want you to write or talk about your personal opinion on the matter.

Be Brave

This is your last day of the challenge! Will you complete it?


When callers call into the Dave Ramsey Show to do their debt free scream, he almost always asks them what the key to getting out of debt is. Some common answers are: the budget, communication with your spouse, persistence, and sacrifice. While those are all true, I want to make the case for these three keys:

A. You have to want it. So. Bad.
B. You have truly believe you can do it.
C. You have to say “no” to some things, so you can say “yes” to your goal.

Now while we’re talking about the keys to success, I’m going to use these same keys in terms of two other things areas of life too!

1. Paying off Debt

A. You have to actually want to get out of debt before you start doing it. If you are okay with maxed out credit cards, financing (or worse, leasing!) a car, borrowing money from your parents to make rent, or taking out a second mortgage for your kid’s college education, then you may be setting yourself up for a lifetime of debt. There’s a proverb that says that the borrower is slave to the lender. I don’t know about you, but I HATE paying my student loans every month! I wish I could just take a month off of work and travel the world… but I can’t! I wouldn’t be able to afford the trip in addition to those payments. So since I WANT to travel before having kids, and I WANT to actually go out to eat more than once a month, I decided to get out of debt.

B. Now wanting and achieving are two different things. If I think that debt freedom is just a fairy tale people just dream about, then I will never actually roll up my sleeves and attack my debt. If I believe what so many people tell me, “you’ll always be chasing some sort of debt, and if you have kids, you will absolutely never get out of debt,” then of course I will never try. But if I have that hope… if I learn about budgeting and stick to my monthly plan… if I get creative with date night and go on a picnic instead of dinner and a movie… if I use Netflix instead of buying movies and having cable… if the achievable goal of becoming debt free becomes more important than the temporary things in day to day living… THEN I can do it.

C. I have to say “no” to impulse buying at Walmart. I have to plan our family dinner ahead of town, or else my husband and I will come home from work and think “dang, we don’t know what’s for dinner! Let’s just go out to eat- JUST THIS ONCE.” But we all know that “just this once” means at least once a week. We say no to buying a fancy new car. We say no to a shopping spree “because I need more clothes for work.” We say no to buying something shiny “because I owe it to myself.” It’s so hard. It is so, so hard. But we know it’s worth it, because with every no we say to something else, we are saying yes to becoming debt free, so that later we can say yes!!

2. Following Jesus
~ If you don’t care about or are simply not interested in faith, please skip to number 3. I won’t be offended. But if you are the least bit intrigued, read on, my friend.

3. Losing Weight

Do you agree with these two keys? Did I miss one? Am I totally wrong? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


It’s that time of year again! The leaves are changing, it’s not too hot yet not too cold outside, and it’s time for FAMILY PICTURES! Before the craziness of the holiday season kicks in, and before the first snow, be sure to update your family portraits. Oh how convenient, we are having a mini session marathon THIS SUNDAY, October 23rd! We’ll decide on the location by Friday, so we can make sure the leaves are just perfect. E-mail to claim your spot!

Oh, and if we can get 10 people to sign up, everyone will get a free 8×10 print, and ONE lucky person will get a 16×24 canvas!! So tell your friends about these mini sessions so we can give away free stuff!

ps- know any seniors who still need to get their pictures done before the deadline? Yup, this is just perfect for them!