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  • Hi! We are Shane and Joanna Daly, a husband and wife team based in Montrose, Colorado.
    We serve the entire western slope and love capturing memories through photography and videography.

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Powers Family. Spence is an associate pastor at Montrose Christian Church, which is where Shane and I attend. Cerise Park in Montrose, Colorado, was the perfect location for their session, as Spece loves the outdoors. They say that behind every strong man is a strong woman, which I agree with to some degree. Renee stands next to Spence as a united front, and I would say that she is definitely strong. Homeschooling five children is not for the weak, yet she does it with such finesse. Renee plays guitar and piano on the worship team at Montrose Christian Church, and one of her favorite pastimes is reading. Come to think of it, Spence plays the bass guitar for the worship band! If their kids got any of their parents genes, they might as well go on tour as the Powers Band!

Natalie is the oldest of the kiddos, and she has the sweetest heart. She is very artistic, and she loves all things colorful. I wouldn’t be surprised if she helped her mom choose the outfits for everyone. Speaking of, didn’t they do a great job coordinating their colors without being too matchy? I may have to use their picture as an example for what to wear for future clients! Maverick loves football and legos. He loves playing with his siblings, and he can get a little goofy too. Something tells me he likes to color outside the lines from time to time. Jovie is the girly-girl of the bunch. She loves dressing up fancy, and I don’t think you can take a bad picture of her! We sometimes chat after church about American Girl dolls and the skirts she wears. She dresses better than I do most days! Bo is the reason we brought the red car to this session. He loves trains and cars, and at our session 2 years ago he was super shy so I thought this car would warm him up to me. I sure was right! He was cruising around like he owned the thing. Gracie loved riding in the car too, and she wasn’t too happy when it was time for the family pictures that DIDN’T include the car! Gracie also loves baby dolls, which is ironic since she’s the youngest of them all. Maybe mom and dad will give her a little brother to hold someday, but until then, she will have to settle for plastic babies.

As mentioned before, I actually photographed the Powers Family about 2 years ago during our fall mini session marathon. Not only has our photography skills grown, but the Powers kids have grown too!! Gracie was in Renee’s belly for that session, and I’m so glad they didn’t wait too long to update their family pictures so that Gracie could be included.

During their Ordering Appointment, I was sure they were going to cry during the slideshow (most families have at least one crier), but this slideshow was met with giggles and bursts of laughter. This family truly loves each other, and I am so happy that I was able to capture some family memories for them to treasure forever. I love the mounted storyboard (collage) they ordered. They were so happy to have something to hang on the wall in their hallway.

E-mail to schedule your family portrait session. We can’t wait to meet you!


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  • Renee Powers - There were a few tears, but almost immediately followed by laughter, so they weren’t obvious! ;) We always love working with you guys, you make even my crying baby seem fun. Good job Two:20!!ReplyCancel

Saturday, October 24th, 2015 is our Fall Mini Session Marathon! There are 11 spots total, so e-mail to snag your spot! Once they’re gone, they’re GONE!

Reasons people do a fall mini session: update their family photos, get a head start on Christmas cards, celebrate their fur babies, make a pregnancy announcement, last minute senior portraits, engagement photos, hang a new canvas on the living room wall, display a family photo album on the coffee table, and last but not least, get the whole family together and create memories that are hard to capture when someone (usually Mom) is BEHIND the camera!


Times Still Available:

8:30 , 9:00 , 9:30 , 10:00 , 10:30 , 11:00 , 11:30

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Joanna is turning 28 years old on October 4th!

Shane and I sponsor a child through Compassion International. Her name is Ali. She’s 8 years old and lives in Mexico. For my birthday this year, instead of a gift for myself, I am asking my friends and family to donate money to Ali. And if you REALLY want to be awesome, you can sponsor a child yourself!


This is Ali

To sponsor a child, it is $38 a month. This monthly support provides Ali with medical check-ups, nutritious food, health and hygiene training, educational assistance, access to special services like surgeries and disaster relief, mentoring to help her discover her incredible value as God’s child, and most importantly, Ali will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

We write Ali once a month, and sometimes we write an extra letter so she’ll get two in one month! We love writing to Ali because it is one way we can share the love of God with her, encourage her, and ask how we can pray for her. If you feel like crying today, scroll down this page and read the number one reason to write a letter. Depending on the center, the sponsor letters are distributed once a week or once a month. When their name is called that they got a letter from their sponsor, they feel SO loved and SO happy. I love that Ali will experience that every month because of the words that we write to her.

Above and beyond the $38/month sponsorship, we are allowed to give her up to $200 a year ($100 birthday, $100 in general) for herself, which would go towards purchasing school supplies, maybe a bed and basic clothing, etc. We cannot choose the gift, but the local Compassion center takes the gifted money and decides what would be best for her. They do not hand over the actual money, because most families live on less than $2/day, so it may put them in danger if they were to have all those pesos in their home. We are also allowed to give her family up to $1,000 a year, which would go towards purchasing livestock, household equipment, or establishing a small business. I saw a video about a struggling fisherman trying to support his family, including someone’s sponsor child, so the family gift enabled the Compassion team to purchase this man a fishing boat motor so he could be a much more efficient fisherman, and even hire employees! Wow, just think about how a simple motor can totally transform a family! It really makes me think about the things that we take for granted in America.

We are still trying to get out of debt ourselves, so giving an extra $1,200 year is just a pipe dream, but I want to do at least a little bit. So I am giving my birthday to Ali. It’s the least I can do.

Since I’m turning 28 years old, my goal is to raise $280.

$50 would go to Ali, and $230 (or more??!!) would go to the family. My birthday is October 4th. The Compassion website states that the cutoff for Christmas is October 31st, so the plan is to send it in before then so Ali and her family can receive their gift(s) by Christmas!

Please write all checks out to: Joanna Daly. Please hand-deliver it to me, or mail it to:
Daly Golf Cars
28 N Selig Ave
Montrose, CO 81401
Thank you for understanding that we do not want to post our home address online. This is Shane’s shop address. And no, the checks you write out to me are not to pay off our student loans- it will go to Ali! I promise! I can’t wait to share the total amount at the end of October, and I’m praying SO HARD that we will reach the $280 goal! Happy Birthday to me, and Merry Christmas to Ali and her family!

ps- 10% of all photography orders go towards extra gifts to Ali and her family. So thank you to our Two:20 Productions clients for hiring us to capture your family memories and helping us make a difference in Ali’s life!